Chris & Alex Engaged!

  We love everything about weddings! From the proposal to the last dance, there is not a detail we don’t swoon over. Alex and Chris are such a special couple for us because they are more than clients, they are personal friends of mine!
​        Alex and Chris met through a mutual friend during Alex’s senior year of high school. The couple put their relationship to the test by conquering a long distance relationship when Alex moved four hours away for college. Shortly after Alex began college, Chris enlisted in the military.  Upon completion of basic training, Chris was stationed in Hawaii. The couple’s long distance relationship went from a four hour car ride to a four hour time difference! Although tough, they cherished every moment they were able to spend together!
​       In 2015 while visiting Chris in Hawaii, Chris proposed to Alex at sunset on the beach! Since that day, Alex has graduated with a BSN and has become a RN. Chris is currently still stationed in Hawaii and the couple are counting down the days till they say “I Do!” Alex and Chris will celebrate their wedding on May 6, 2017 at Innsbrook!
Photographer: Fly Over Photography
​Location: HaHa Tonka State Park

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